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Start generating LMT today to enter the world of cryptocurrencies without the need for specific hardware or technical knowledge.

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Earn cryptocurrency for real and for free, join the crypto world with no risk.

Crypto faucet

Crypto faucet

Always dripping! But, be careful, don't let your bucket get full.

Crypto cloud mining

Cloud mining

Draw the right line according to the pattern, it's kind of relaxing!

Crypto staking


Between 36 and 48% APY, hurry up, there's a maximum availability.



Reach the minimum and transfer LMT to your wallet, just like that.



Invite your friends and family to unlock top notch features.



Find answers, tricks and strategies on the Telegram community.

How Does It Work?


Draw and match the pattern

With each drawing you make in the application, a hash is generated and compared with the target code. Difficulty varies every few minutes.

Collect from the faucet

The faucet sinks LMT into the bucket, click on the button, and it will be yours. Upgrade speed and capacity any time with 20 different levels.

Stake and make

Freeze your LMT for a time and get a reward, let the crypto work for you. There are several options and a maximum capacity for every staking opportunity.

Ready to have your LMT?

Every time you reach the minimum amount (200 LMT), you can request a transfer to your personal crypto wallet, note it may take up to working 72 hours.



Discover the WoH™,
a new distribution model

  • Based on human interaction
  • No hardware required, just a smartphone
  • No need to make any financial investment
  • No battery drain or meaningless permissions
  • Have fun and enjoy the path
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Public smart contract, transparency comes first

Official contract: TS1TdubREirrGFMhHPxg9VhqrfPmCb1yRQ

Easy Payments

Check it by yourself, LMT it is registered as a TRC20 on the Tron Blockchain (TRX).

View at Tronscan
Regular Cashback

LMT token is a distributed tradable asset, with both public price and liquidity.

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Users are loving it

I'm hoping more ways to mine LMT are coming! Maybe some game's like block connect game's your still drawing lines! And leveling up! Or candy crush type of game, so many game that require you to tap or draw that could all be the same as mining!

Best mining app I haven't withdrawn yet but I am confident when I do it's gonna work to many tappers tapping and on tele... Happy tapper's and support is always there. Callused fingers= Clean cryp

Very interesting app. You can earn a few different ways and win tools to help you mine. So far I like it. I have yet to make a withdrawal. May update then. Update: Transferred 200 LMT to Tronlink wallet 👍

I really like this app bit keeps getting a lot better each upgrade. This developememt team is on it y'all. If you're into crypto or just like chance games with an artistic twist.

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A big community supports the project, join the conversation on Telegram.

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Official Channel,
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Open Telegram

Direct support ,
between 1-5 days

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Yes, it's 100% free, no payments or deposits are required, neither in crypto nor fiat money are required to access all features.

The purpose of the app is for you to earn LMT without having to pay or invest for it:

  • You can get small advantages by watching ads
  • It is possible to buy improvements using LMT
  • Some features may have transaction fees in LMT

All cases are properly and fairly highlighted on the app with the label "ads" or "fee".

With each drawing you make in the application, a code (hash) is generated and compared with the target code.

It is not necessary for the code to fully coincide with the objective, this will depend at all times on the current difficulty of the network. For example:

Hash Target Result Explanation
0BF9E27B 0#****** Number expected in the second position
E0BC2A23 0#****** 0 expected in the first position
020C2A23 000***** 0 expected in the second position
03A9C7CB 0#****** The fist zero and second number match the pattern
000C2A23 000***** All zeros match the pattern

On every correct result, you will get immediate profit on LMT.

On the "Faucet" tab, the tap drips LMT into the bucket every second. Click on the "Claim" button to transfer the content of the bucket to your account, just like that.

Keep in mind: the bucket has a limited capacity, once yours is full, all LMT thrown won't be accumulated, so, your earnings need to be claimed regularly.

On the "Staking" tab some options are listed, detailing conditions (basically, duration and APY). Select the amount and click on the "Stake" button. For the duration of the staking option, your LMT will be withheld.

Every option has a global availability limit, which is the total amount staked for all the users, if the option is full, you will need to check it later to see if any amount has been released.

It's our own concept to talk about a referral, someone you brought to the app. Workers generate direct profit and indirect advantages like an extra multiplier for the faucet.

Sometimes we talk about active workers, is the way to refer to all those workers who are humans and have recent activity, this concept helps to prevent spam and fake accounts.

If you cheat, yes, we have several methodologies to prevent fake accounts and spam, any fraudulent account will be immediately and permanently closed.

We take this matter very serious: when an LMT token not rightfully obtained, another user is missing an opportunity, it doesn't sound fair, it goes against our users, project and our values, crypto is all about transparency.

If you find a way to cheat or someone who does, contact us, you will be fairly recognized and rewarded.

Once you reach the minimum amount, you can add your wallet address, and we will transfer the tokens to your account within 1-3 business days, as simple as that.

Some of the users are holding because we are constantly adding new features (like the staking), and you may make a good deal with your tokens, and others are happier by keeping them on their own wallet, please, feel free to do what best represents your interests and your strategy.

No worries about this process, giving LMT is what the app is about! You can see all public transactions, we did it more than 10,000 times already.